Brunson's 2009

Brunson's 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

He Walks, He Talks, He Eats Big People Food (albeit messily)

Here are some pictures and video of Cairo.

I actually took this video of Cai walking last week, but couldn't get my pictures to download until this week, so just for your info, Cai's an even better walker now. I'll try to get more video soon.

This picture of Cai with the messy face just cracked me up. We were eating spaghetti O's and while Lleida did a great job of not making a big mess, Cairo got it all over his body. Literally head to toe. Sadly, I didn't grab the camera in time to take the picture of Cai licking his tray clean.

The second video is of Cairo, Papa, and Juliette (Brandi's baby) who's a month younger than Cai. They were both sitting on Papa's lap happy. This was a first time experience. Love you all.

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