Brunson's 2009

Brunson's 2009

Monday, January 17, 2011

So our family loves to dress up. Halloween is a favorite holiday and we live for costume parties. Here are some highlights.

Zach and I at his work Halloween party, 2010. He's a Vietnam Vet ("There I was...") and I'm a blonde Peg Bundy. Lleida kept telling people, "my parents are white trash." Sadly, we already had all this stuff available at home (except the blonde wig and Zach's gut).
This was Halloween 2007. We're visiting Zach at work. How'd you like to come see a doc like him?

Halloween 2005 in Colorado. Lleida was a little pixie/sprite. I'm wearing my muu muu from dancing with the Polynesian club in BYU.

This year's Halloween party. Zach's a Vet, I'm Dolly Parton, Cairo is Dastan from the Prince of Persia, and Lleida's Rapunzel.

Halloween 2009. Lleida's Supergirl and Cairo's Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes. You'll note that I designed Cai's costume to work with a snow suit.

Halloween 2008. Z's a tough guy, Cairo's a turtle, Lleida's a mermaid, and I'm just wearing clothes I found around the house.


  1. You are back! It is so good seeing your pictures (holy gorgeous snow princess, Lleida!). I was honestly thinking of you at exactly the same time that I saw that you had blogged. Hooray!

  2. Welcome back to the blog world! Love the Halloween pictures!

  3. So fun to see an update from you! It ws fun to see all your fun costumes!

  4. I didn't see Zach dressed up in any of those pictures-that's the Zach I know and love